The comprehensive list of songs used by Samsung in TV commercials, events, presentations, tutorials and other promotional materials. Discover which song is used in the video, plus the artist and album for the song. Listen to or download the song or watch the video of the commercial.

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Hello New Day cover

Hello New Day

Johnson & Drake
  • Date: December 2016
  • Summary: Mannequin
  • Product: Gear Fit2
  • Album: Carry It On
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Jeans On cover

Jeans On

David Dundas
  • Date: December 2016
  • Summary: Honey
  • Product: Gear Fit2
  • Album: David Dundas
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Where Is My Mind cover

Where Is My Mind

Nada Surf
  • Date: November 2016
  • Summary: Samsung Galaxy: S7 + Gear VR
  • Product: Gear VR
  • Album: Where Is My Mind - Single
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missing cover

Make History

Alexandre Prodhomme, Eddy De Datsu
  • Date: July 2016
  • Summary: South Korea in 360° Timelapse
  • Product: Gear 360
missing cover

  • Date: June 2016
  • Summary: ​How to Get Started
  • Product: Charm
The Vibe cover

The Vibe

Motez feat. Scrufizzer
  • Date: June 2016
  • Summary: Official Launch Film
  • Product: Gear IconX
  • Album: The Vibe - EP
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Dancing to the Beat cover

Dancing to the Beat

Clarence Murray
  • Date: May 2016
  • Summary: Melon Baller, Birthday Party, Roll Over
  • Product: Family Hub
  • Album: Clarence Murray's Baby You Got It - EP
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